Lead Type up for auction in Toronto

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Hey All,

I'm a fourth year student in the York/Sheridan joint program in Design (York University in Toronto) and we're throwing a fundraiser next week for our fourth year grad show in May.

There is a ton of lead type up for auction including full fonts (most include all majuscules, minuscules, punctuation and figures) of Univers, Kennerley, Goudy, Times New Roman, Lydian Cursive and almost full fonts of Cooper Black, Bodoni, Bembo, News Gothic. There's also mystery bags of type that include all sorts of different pieces of type in various fonts and weights as well as beautiful paper weights crafted from lead type. This is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity if you live in the GTA!

Our event, Ultraviolet, is happening next Sunday (February 8, 2009) at Bar 244 (at the corner of Duncan & Adelaide) and tickets are $22. The night is going to include live music, comedy, hors d'oeurves, dancing, lots of door prizes and a silent auction!

For more info and to buy tickets check out our website.

Check out auction Flickr photostream.

All money raised from this event will go towards the 2009 YSDN Grad Show, Wonderlust, May 10-14 at Steam Whistle Brewery.


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I'll be there!

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It's only six hours by train...my classes start pretty late...I could use some more Bodoni...a ton is a lot of type, at least compared to what I have...I probably shouldn't go.

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Too bad you're not having the auction in May. Maybe I'll be down there in time for the grad show at least.

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Too bad about the type that is now made into paperweights...and the thought of type in "bags" banging around and damaging each other. I guess it is still a way to appreciate type.

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It is just a nice way to appreciate type... which otherwise was just going to be melted down.

Keeping in mind it is used type from a university (that doesn't have space for it anymore), although it banging around isn't really possible. It's pretty darn heavy.

It's just a cool opportunity to collect some which for most people is pretty impossible.

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What a shame that the University is throwing this out. Sure, it is great that you can raise a little bit of money for yourselves with it. But you are earning that cash at the expense of future generations of students.


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Lead type only lasts so long...

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The university could have put it in someone's basement like mine did, but, considering that people are quite unlikely to use it, I don't mind that some of it is being somewhat frivolously sold as gimmicky type souvenirs as having those teaches them something about type too.

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