good pairing with Isonorm (and Univers)

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I am working on a magazine project that will be utilizing Isonorm and Univers for it's sans serif typefaces. What do people suggest as a good serif parinig with these? The piece is modern, provocative, political.


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Hmm..Joanna? or something along that line. Jeremy Tankard's Kingfisher?

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I could imagine to choose a serif type that more or less strongly picks up the square shapes of Isonorm:

The extreme way: Berthold City, Midnight Kernboy

The subtle way: Melior, Renault, Zapf Elliptical

(all available on


formschub (Thomas)


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I have a question though, is there a reason for using two sans serif faces?

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I like the suggestion of Joanna, but I think Scala is a better Joanna as Martin Majoor designed it based on it.

I'd also try Rotis Serif and Thesis Serif. Centaur would be quite interesting.

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