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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to make a logo for a mixing/mastering company (mine). I am not a graphic designer really. I know a little about graphic design and typography, however, to be honest, I'm very much a left-brainer.

The two domains I registered are MixBoost.com and TheMixMedic.com. Basically, what I do is either mix recorded tracks, or master mixes already done by the studio. A lot of the times, we just make it sound awesome. Sometimes we really need to fix it up (muddiness in the audio quality, balancing and all of that stuff).

So, I was wondering if you guys had any ideas about fonts, marks, etc. I'll post a sample soon that I'm working. Thanks!

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Here's one attempt ;)

I think it sucks, but I guess you guys can direct me a bit :) I'd appreciate it since I'm really lost!

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You can start out by using fewer typefaces. Try sticking with one, maybe two. Next, try integrating some sort of imagery or symbol to make the logo unique, memorable and resonate with your business. Good luck!

Also, hire a designer to do it. ;)

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Anyone want to do it for 50 bucks or some kind of an exchange of talents :) That would be worth it to me. I'm not rich. LOL. I would probably spend like 3 days total on this and maybe get nowhere.

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LOL indeed.

- Lex

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So, you figure on three days work and that amounts to 50 bucks? I'm with Lex.

Also, the spelling of your tag line is real creative, but it's kinda nasty. I don't think THAT is a service you're offering clients, is it?

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would you mix or master a track for 50 dollars? Probably not and still you are expecting a designer to create a logo for you. Strange. If you'd apply the process of designing a logo to the realms of music, you actually expect a designer to write, produce & mix a song for you... all for what is basically a 1 hour fee.


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LOL. Nah, I don't expect a designer to take 3 days designing the logo though, just as you wouldn't expect me to master your song in 3 days. It's just a different skill set. I actually do masters for 50 bucks per song for some people.

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Honestly, given I've never touched an instrument in my entire life, I would believe it takes three days to master a song. Maybe my perception would change if you explained to me what "mastering a song" actually means. I have zero clue. But, I assume the music equipment and the education isn't free.

I do, however, know enough not to offer anyone $50 for a job that I have no clue about.


Just so you know; I've spent dozens of hours over dozens of weeks on the simplest of logos. I've also knocked out logotypes in a few hours. My retainer for an identity package is typically $1000. (depending on the client, of course.)

Just look through these forums and notice the time and date stamps within each individual thread. Some designers spend literally hundreds of hours doing revisions until a logo is approved by their client.

I'm sorry if I sound harsh; it's just frustrating that so often people treat career designers like they're teenagers who like to doodle on their jeans.

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As Seb said, $50 is about an hour's worth of work. The shortest time I've ever taken to design a logo from concept to a usable design is 5 hours, which is miraculous to say the least. That's a minimum of $250, before revisions. Expect to pay about 4 or 5 times that for a professionally-designed logo.

If you're really stuck with no budget on this one, you'll have to design it yourself. I agree with Andrew's advice to reduce the number of typefaces to one, and try to come up with a mark of some sort.

What's with the 'x'? Is it supposed to represent the "Rx" of the prescription symbol? It's not really clear. Plus, when I think "medic" I think bandages or first aid, not prescriptions.

Ideas to consider: red cross, rod of Asclepius, bandages, headphones, mixing boards.

- Lex

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