a suitable font for a relief organisation

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Hello all

Got a project to build a corporate identity for a public social aid/relief organisation, which doesen't send money in Africa like most of such orgs, but send the comptetent people - scientist - to share the knowledge there...

I am searching for a suitable font.

The main target group are intelectual (a bit older) women in West Europe.
Because of the intelectual touch, the font doesn't necessarily have to be rounded and sweet matching only the aid aspect.

Got some ideas?

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A few ideas that could look either friendly or more rigid, depending on how you use them:

Gotham Rounded



Camingo Dos

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Hmm..perhaps you could post come comps up and we could advise you better there? Seems strange to me to be shooting font blanks in the air..

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Thanks, Chris!

Yehan, haven't created anything yet, just collecting ideas.
The CI should be typography driven...

Many thanks

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You're welcome.

It would be helpful to choose a direction for the "tone" of the identity - ie: friendy, progressive, intelligent, etc. Choosing a few adjectives to define the project will help generate more targeted recommendations.

You mentioned an intellectual audience, so maybe something more classic/bookish might be in order. If you want to appear friendly, then something like Gotham Rounded could work, although rounded type may be overly obvious and overdone. If you are going for a progressive approach, then the type could take a different direction.

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I'm generally a bit turned off by Univers, mostly because it was pushed so heavily on me in the my typography classes. However, in this case it seems like it might fit for some reason.

I'd also try FF Unit Rounded, Century, Serifa and FF Celeste.

I agree with Chris in that it would be quite helpful to understand the tone to better suit it.

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Thanks for the ideas!
Well, I'll try to describe the tone of the identity now:

- generally: people and the nature
- exactly: sharing knowledge to help the people in africa
- smart help (not money)

The Chris' idea of bookish/classical braugth me to the idea of making 2 proposals:
a) intelectual - matching the target group in europe
b) friendly - an overall helping touch (rounded fonts)

a) gonna try out your proposals and FF Olsen and FF Absara as well
b) I really like "Haptic". FF Unit Rounded and Gotham Rounded may work as well

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Since they might very well end up using Gentium* to some extent (which supports all African scripts AFAIK) you might start from there and modify it (probably bolden it for one thing) for logo work etc. Gentium is also very organic (for a text font).

* http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.php?site_id=nrsi&id=gentium


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>African scripts

I think it only includes Extended Latin, not "African Scripts" such as N'ko, Tiffanagh, Vai, Arabic, Ethiopic etc.,

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I was unclear - I meant Latinate African scripts.


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Sorry, didn't intend to split hairs over a definition of script. Also sorry for misspelling Tifinagh...

Of interest...


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"but send the competent people"

I like the idea of Gotham. Africa "sends" the US a competent person. So we should send Africa a competent font.

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