Plotter style typeface with 'default' / 'lo-fi' feel — any suggestions?

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hi everyone,
i'm on the hunt for a typeface with a basic, 'default' quality - something which looks like it has been produced on some sort of lo-fi data printing machine. I've found a good one (plotter book, listed in the back of Most Beautiful Swiss Books '07) but it isn't commercially available. Another one i'm interested in was used by GTF for their vacuum-formed 'The/Le Garage' poster - but i'm not sure what it is. You can see it here: (sorry for the poor image - was the best i could find).

Any suggestions would be accepted with gratitude!

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no-one? :(

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Huh. Something with the essence of a default choice, looks like it was output on a lo-fi printing machine? Maybe OCR? VAG? Or Courier? But maybe you want something a bit more different then those choices.

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Look at all the ‘pixel’ or ‘screen’ fonts out there, MyFonts, or there are lots of them on DaFont. If you enlarge them, they'll look just right.

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You might like DIN 17 - it certainly has a low-fi industrial feel to it.

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