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hi i was just wondering whether anyone knows what typeface
swedish design studio "blooming design" uses as their logotype
and body text type.

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Hi..I noticed you posted this earlier. I've looked..but I'm not sure what it is either. Jan? Stephen?

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Try Priva Two.

That's the result I got from

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yeah, with Priva Two, the o is not round enough and the m is not perpendicular.

still have to keep trying as i love this typeface.

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the lowercase is the key..the Uppercase (BLOOMING) is pretty nondescript

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The logotype looks like Scala Sans. Not sure about the text type.

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The typeface is called Rosemary Samuels – by Swede Hans Samuelson.

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Wow, a very good typeface, thanks Florian!

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What is the larger BLOOMING? It is narrower than Rosemary Samuels and the G is different.

EDIT ..... is that what was IDed earlier as Priva Two? It looks a lot more geometric.

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No, that's FF Scala Sans!

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Thanks. Just realised seventy7 had ID'd it.

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Textface might be FF Sari

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That Rosemary Samuels is a nice type.

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