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King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex (KFGQPC) has released the Best Unicode Opentype Naskh Font, with the Calligraphy of Sheikh Uthman Taha (Calligrapher of Mushaf Al-Madinah), Having Arabic, Urdu & Persian characters support. Best placement of Diacritics, Now you can type diacritics completely on all the text without any Clash(InshaAllah).

Having wonderful Kerning pairs, Like Reey and Kaaf, Daal & Kaaf, etc. etc.

The file size is too small as around just 125KB, having much much features of Opentype.

Enjoy it, its totally FREEEEE. We needs your feedback to improve this font more & more as we can.

More Fonts are coming..............

Ashfaq Niazi


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Thanks Ashfaq with Flowers. KFGQPC is less than expected!
Kerning + Ligatures have been sacrificed for mark-positioning.
Moreover, some letter connections appear as if kashidas were added.
Though there is a trade-off among them, but it could have been done better.

As you can easily see, there is no middle ligatures at all.
And most essential initial+final ligatures are missing.

Wait for our Naskh that will be included in MirEmad of MaryamSoft
and the comparison I will make between the 2 here and then.'s picture

Thanks Aziz for the information, :-)

I start by putting font's table in PDF in order to discuss some issues that I noticed in quick application within Word 2007 and InD CS3 (Win)...

Let us start by FEF9 and Co. Is it mandatory to put Hamza in this position? I prefer to put ء in the half width under لا... This typographically and visually speaking better, unless you have other reason...

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Dear Aziz, thanks for the compliments. This is the initial version, more enhancements will come soon, Inshallah.
We dont try to make this font for look like straight font, like others, We try to make its best use without kashidas. Can u plz give me an example which essential Initial+final ligatures are missing.
In pure Naskh the Calligrapher accepts only these ligatures which I've added. May be u are asking for the ligatures to make the font something similar like Nastaleeq.
What do u mean by "letter connections appear as if Kashidas were added", can u send me a Print.

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@ Is it mandatory to put Hamza in this position?

Target+shoot slightly to the left of the middle?!

@ ... an example which essential Initial+final ligatures are missing.

Possible combinations with the flower h, meem + the sea-horses (kh+sisters).

@ letter connections appear as if Kashidas were added”?

As an example, just write KO and look at the line made between them,
do not you see that the line would look better if shortened?!

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Please upload pictures here + do not link us somewhere else for pdfiles,
Please be to the point and make it as short as possible!
Flowers for All Arabic-Loving Typophiles.'s picture

Sorry Aziz, but you cannot see what I mean if I post the image here...

OK, my question is about the glyph FDFA. صلى الله عليه وسلم . I did a magnification to this glyph and see a poor design. Perhaps the designer limits the type size and does not think about magnification... However, as he advertises about it as the best Naskh people will use it in big size works as in advertisement, signage, etc.

My question is why this type is not clean enough as it is claimed as the best one in Naskh...

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Use higher resolution for both (PDF) printer + JPG Filter.
The phrase is sharp enough to produce fine output.
Happy Typesetting with Flowers.'s picture

The position of Fathatan ً need to be revised I think...

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KFGQPC Designers are not as good at mark-postioning as ?-postioning?!
Sorry for not finding better answer.

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Dear colleagues, your r doing wrong things. First guy put image with very low resolution, try this font in Illustrator CS3, or Word, and enlarge it as much as u can. U are making PDF or JPG in very poor resolution and getting very bad result. As Aziz says, when u increase resolution u will get an extra ordinary Quality.
Regarding the Mark Positioning, when u type fathatan on Noon, it will appear on noon, if u need Fathatan to be appear like the above image, type fathatan on final Alif, it will appear like above shape.
We just claim Best Naskh Font, let people to decide this.

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@ We just claim Best Naskh Font, let people to decide this.

Democratically speaking, people will repeat what you claim because
majority of people do not know Ligatures + Kerning in Typography,
though, admittedly, they practice both techniques as instilled in them
by their Creator?!
Contest + Win

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@ Majority of people do not know Ligatures + Kerning in Typography,

May be you are the One of very few people who know about Ligatures + Kerning in Typography, I will highly appreciate if you could plz. spare some time for the people who dont know Ligatures & Kerning, and start some E-Teaching Program, I'll personally be greatful for this and will join your Teaching Program.'s picture

I think that you need a better understanding of Naskh Calligraphy and Typography before claiming that your font is the best one...

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Nobody will understand what u want after putting the above image, becoz this is not my font, I think you are trying with Lotus linotype. Try to use our font and then discuss the problems you found in our font. As your previous post with very low resolution and lot of edges in JPG of our font, you say """My question is why this type is not clean enough as it is claimed as the best one in Naskh..."""" I think this is enough for viewers to understand about your capabilities.'s picture

Sorry, I missed the sample for KFGQPC's Naskh

This the sample for your font, not better... I imagined that you put it as you believe that it is correct!

I will put some miss-kerning points and some interesting good things that I found in this font...'s picture

If you did not understand it yet, I did a comparison with Lotus to see what advantages I can have in this new font...

I put the same example that you deny using Lotus now... Just see the difference, perhaps you understand what I mean!

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@ Ashfaq, Sorry for my answer here:
I did not check what Aratype posted.

@ Aratype, nothing wrong with the font and it is better than Lotus of Linotype.
Here, I repeat what I said above:

Exchange Flowers not Bullets

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Aratype, ShaddaFatha + Tanween = ShaddaTanween?!
Please post images only if necessary.
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Aziz, in Edelweiss' season I have only this flower.

I am speaking from typesetting point of view! This font may be excellent, however my issues are in the typesetting area and I am comparing the font with Lotus.

To be honest, what I do not like is to announce a chef-d'oeuvre and to find a lot of typesetting issues. If Ashfaq needs only for congratulations it will arrive after the font's definitive version...

One new Edelweiss:

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Well Aratype, both positions produce unhappy Typography/Calligraphy.
Fortunately, the smart MirEmad of does:
1. place a longer Fatha spanning the Lam, and Shadda at the middle of Fatha.
2. place the combination (Shadda+fatha) approximately between the red+green?
As recommended here with Flowers's picture

Other Edelweiss,

have you measured the consequence of having so different dot heights in these examples:

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That's tolerable, but I have discovered that there are:
1. more than 2 levels for kasras causing serious clashes as in Zaki.
2. Kafs that contract/expand where they should expand/contract.
Perhaps more mistakes might be found out later, but
that could be handled easily by KFGQPC Designers?!

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Thanks Aziz, I dont need congratulation, just post the issues regarding font. aratype again post a low resolution jpg image, I dont understand why he is not using word or illustrator, when you export it it will loose the quality.
Regarding the dots position, I use much more than 2 levels. I've in my mind just try to save the dots and Diacritics Clashes. As you say, its flexible and can be adjusted. If serious users dont like it we can adjust them.'s picture

If serious users dont like it we can adjust them...
!أشفق علينا يا أشفق
ورحم الله امرءاً عرف قدره فوقف عنده
والسلام ختام

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@ ... its flexible and can be adjusted

... by learning from the experiences of others:

@ ... just post the issues regarding font.

God willing, I will deliver my promise.

Happy Making Love with the 17 Sweet Dancers

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Time to compare it with Naskh Aziz

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