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Hi everyone, hope this is the correct place to post this (the typography/composition forum seems inactive). I am involved in creating a flash website for a client and am trying to pair a header font with a good legible choice for body text. The header is set at 18pt Brauer Neue Bold. The client likes the body set in Brauer also but I find it is somewhat hard to read. I have made a mockup below with it set in 14pt Brauer Neue and also in 12pt Helvetica Neue. I was wondering if anyone has a favorite or maybe even a suggestion for another font that would pair nice with the Brauer header. Thanks so much!

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The color of the text is too dark! Think contrast. If you want a second typeface i would pair Brauer with a Serif, Helvetica looks dull in this combination. Think contrast. BTW Brauer is not that bad, instead of messing around with a second typeface go with Brauer and try to improve the reading comfort. Color contrast, line-length, eventually spacing, rendering options inside Flash for dynamic text, etc.

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Hey thanks, I guess I should have posted a more accurate background color, the color is actually a brown. I just used the black background on the mockup, I will certainly look at the things you mentioned. I find the idea of pairing with a serif very interesting. Anyone else?

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Brauer looks much better than Helvetica. As for a serif, I would try Melior.

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I would also suggest trying Verdana, a safe bet when having lots of text on screen, then again you may want to think about breaking that paragraph up as well.

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