Help! I'm looking for a printer!

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Hi All

I am hoping that some of you have some experience and advice for me. I'm looking for a printer for my Mac and after reading reviews and trying to make comparisons, I'm going a bit cross-eyed.

I need to be able to print on different kinds of paper, from vellum to card stock and not necessarily the printer brand of paper. I'm designing wedding invitations and baby announcements, so I do need something that will be decent at printing photos but especially good at graphics and text. All for under $400 CDN. Is it possible?

Thanks for all you help!


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"I need to be able to print on different kinds of paper"

For that, you usually want an old, used Laser printer. Something you don't mind trashing.

Which would be a different printer than the one you use for color photos and such. For that, you'd likely want a higher-end tank-fed Epson.

If you need something that does both, I think you might need to go the solid-ink route and try one of the wax printers.

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I'd probably just get a good inkjet printer.

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