Graphics for Peace Invitation

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Anyone else? This is my Christmas card for 2002.

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Christmas 1967

Photo journalism, Vietnam 1967, Photos sent for Christmas cards.

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I had the misfortune of spending Christmas of 1967 (and too much longer) in Viet Nam. Here is a photo of me there in March of 1968.


Chris in Nam '68

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Several years after my time in Viet Nam I made the attached poster. It is more on topic with the "Graphics for Peace" theme Paul started.
Black Granite Wall

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Looks like you were shooting more than a camera. I was sent on a merchant ship bringing in supplies.

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We were based in Chu Lai up in Quang Tin Province.

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Note to self: Do no •••• with Chris Lozos.

; )

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Now that I am 60 years old and am sporting a quadruple bypass, I am hardly "The meanest mother in the valley" :-)


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this is something Neville Brody did for Building Letters back in November. I really love it...

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How do you read it the way you do?

I know Neville Brody is cool stuff and all that, but I find this brutal.

Peace and love has a picture of tranquilty and beauty for me. Warmth, softness, gentleness, human passions with dreams.

This says to me crude and mechanical as a jack hammer, loud and disturbing. Reminds me of George Bush saying you are going to be democratic or we will torture you.

As a life long pacifist I find it off-putting.

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I knew if I read enough of his posts, I would agree with Gerald on something....


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Neville will have to speak for himself. I don't know what Brody's intensions were but to me I see it working as a contradiction done on purpose. The stensil type so reminds me of the military and this is accross purpose with peace and love. To me it says peace and love are empty words as long as they are stamped over by military might.
I don't think it trys to be warm and human. I think it trys to be jarring and reminds us how words can be conscripted into service unwillingly. (Spoken by someone who has been conscripted into service unwillingly).


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Peace & Love.

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>I am into "flower power".<

I wish the powers that be were all into flower power as well, maybe then they would wake up and smell the roses.

Show me the way to Alice's Restaurant Gerald, I am tired of all those father rapers out there today.


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Here's a piece I wrote on graphic propaganda at the time of the Iraq invasion, which assembled a lot of examples of grassroots design, protest march posters, that sort of thing.

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Here is the best piece of design I have done.
I like the peace and love of not having crude
consumer overflow fill up my mailbox. It is
a small step.

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Nick, thanks for sharing that article (not least for the retro posters on

Those leaflets were bizarre.


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Save the trees is a good cause. No peace would be complete without shade and a home for the birds.

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I enjoyed your article. It reminded me of the low-tech 6os antiwar posters, hand painted messages with direct and often funny mixed metaphors. My favorite was, "Nixon, Pull Out Like Your Father Should Have." It seems apparent that there was a correlation between feelings on the war and birth control, another hot topic of the time.

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