Expanding class-based kerning

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Hi all, I'm working on a font in Fontlab, and trying to expand the classes. But, when I do this, then rebuild the kern feature, then go the open type window and look at the kern feature, I notice that the class definitions remain at the bottom.

The classes that will NOT expand are "key glyph" to "key glyph" definitions.

On the other hand, the "key glyph" to "individual glyph" (enum pos) stuff WILL break down into individual pairs.

Is this a bug, or am I misunderstanding the nature of expanding class-kerning?

Unfortunately, when I began, I built my classes in a way that isn't working now, so I need to break them down into individual pairs, and build up new classes. If I can't break about the classes, I can't do this, since if I just delete them, I'll lose all the important kerning info that's in them.

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