France gives type a bad name

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"The French national typography is accused to bribing several officials in Romania, in 2003, just to get a 20 million dollars worth contract, several French publications inform."

Assume a typo typo

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Oh my, Simon, well done, what's going on?

‘The contract was mediated through the Romanian typography but was never respected by the French counterparts’

Everyone knows the French counterparts won't respect you [in the morning] ...


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what’s going on?

Google translation, perhaps? ;-D

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typography = bureaucracy?

In the sense that you can't have reports and studies without typography.

I once had "formal" (by which I meant relating to physical form in an aesthetic sense) translated into Polish as "official".
If you don't speak a language, a good way to check a translation is to have it returned to the original language. Just once, if you keep going, you end up with something like the specimen text on my web site :-)

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