Typefaces for small nature shop

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Hi, first of all, thanks to everyone for all the wisdom that can be gleaned from these forums. Secondly, I'll admit that I am lurker, nor a professional designer--however I hope that you all may be willing to help me with some ideas.

I have recently taken over the responsibility to re-design the (currently awful) website for a small local nature shop. The store caters to an environmentally concious, generally older upper-middle class, loyal and friendly clientele. They sell bird seed, feeders, etc. as well as field guides, binoculars, and the like. They pride themselves on their friendly, expert service and environmental responsibility.

I'm trying to decide on a typeface for their logo heading that is elegant, warm, and "natural" feeling. So far I'm thinking perhaps something like Paradigm or Brighton. Any other suggestions? I love Beorcana too, but it's a bit too "hard" for what I'm after.

I would also very much appreciate suggestions for matching text and heading typefaces for the newsletter that will be on my to-do list once the website's up and running.


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Both Paradigm and Brighton have blunt serifs and low contrast between thick and thin strokes. I don't know if you did this consciously, but those are distinguishing characteristics of Cheltenham, the font that L.L. Bean has used for their catalogs for almost a century. If your target audience is older folks with a taste for outdoor activities, they'll like the vibe.

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Sorry, I assumed you were in the States. Not sure if L.L. Bean is as popular in Canada as it is here.

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Hmm, I had a look at Chetlenham and it certainly does have the same sort of feel to it. I am familiar with L.L. Bean, more by reputation than experience, but hadn't thought of it when trying to find the right face. Thanks for pointing that one out.

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A couple more faces, maybe going too far ...

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I like the Berkeley Oldstyle, it's similar to another face I was looking at, Brioso. I think I still prefer the "bold"-er (less delicate), low contrast faces like Paradigm and to my eyes, the two don't pair well. In fact, I'm not sure what would pair well with Paradigm as a newsletter text face--any suggestions for that?

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