Wedding mongram

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I am in the process of refining this wedding monogram.
Can I get your guys opinion?

Which version do you prefer?

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I think you're trying too hard for a clever look, but I'm not sure that's appropriate for a wedding venue. Unless all the guests are hip designer types, you're probably better of doing something more instantly read.

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thanks, the monogram will be used on the invites, napkins and maybe the cake.


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I favor version B. It's a bit more subtle, but the line break still gets the point across. I don't see trying too hard to be clever here at all. It's a wedding . . . to the people involved, you can never try too hard.

Also, don't dumb down a good design just because everyone might not get it at first. Chances are that everyone will get it right away anyway, as they'll all know the bride&groom's names.


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I can swear I commented on this mark elsewhere (at logopond ?), and my impression still remains that it's too reminiscent of a Planck's constant, which pulls in quantum physics, which in turn is associated with uncertainty concepts and such .. not something that everyone would want to have on a wedding cake :-)


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Hopefully the two first names start with L and N, and the last name is H.

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you did respond to this back late last year. thank you again for your feedback


yes, it is H and N
L is not part of the monogram :-(


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yes, just as meantioned above, I'm not even sure of the letters...
is it i og l? and I also think of an n...
..that joins to an h? but hopefully the guests know.

It looks very sleek and minimalistic, is this typical traits of the couple?
or is there a way you could make the 'two parts / people' visually different in the logo? As they 'join' in the circle to a unit, you cld nicely create the letters of two simmilar but differnt fonts, maybe..? showing a joint of two items. Just a thought.

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if it's an h and n, then option b.

I think it's nice. It's a wedding logo. It's personal. No need to worry about Doctorate degreed Mathematicians making a stink out of it (unless by chance the couple both happen to have Math doctorates).

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> unless by chance the couple both happen to have Math doctorates

Well, exactly my point. Except not Math, but Physics doctorates :)

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OK, let's spin it then...even in the face of uncertainty (of which both life and marriage certainly have) two people are willing to commit to supporting each other through it. ;0)

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you are correct, the couple's initials are N and H.
I do agree direction is what I am going to convince them to go with.
The serif on the n is a bit distracting. Without it, the n still reads an n and a bit more fluid.

thanks everyone again for you insights.


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Have you tried slicing "h" in some other way ? The more I look at it the more straight cut feels too precise and geometric. Perhaps something like this (it's a 30 second doodle):

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Nice. Option B.


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I'm mostly commenting to commend you on the use of the scroll bars on your A / B comparison. Thoughtfully done. Felt like the optometrist.

I like that diagonal slice idea. What other ideas have you got? Cap monograms? HN are itching to be woven together.

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