Typophile being used for a New Orleans class project

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What's with the multitude of 'new orleans signage blogs' suddenly springing up on Typophile? Some student assignment?

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Looks like it:
http://typophile.com/node/53914 (scroll down)

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"we are all taking Graphic Design and Typography at Loyola U and our teachers are grading us on our Typophile blogs"

Well, it'd be nice if the professor, at the very least, made an introduction first.

Hard to knock N.O. or cool signage, but it's beginning to feel spammy.

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I actually LOVE the idea. Typophile doesn't have to be about broadcasting information to everyone, rather it can be a place for people to collaborate on projects, large or small. It was actually one of the original intentions behind the site.

Of course some context would be great for the outsiders, but it is an interesting way to encourage participation with the community at large.

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I think it's a good idea (of the teacher) and I like seeing such projects taking place at Typophile. :)

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yeah, if you think typophile is New Orleans heavy, why not post more from somewhere else?

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I cannot remember the street but I watched him put this one up. He does beautiful Frescos.


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I was wondering why all that stuff was suddenly appearing sans explanation. Your blogs would be more interesting if you dumped all the photos into a Flickr pool and discussed your favorites in the blog.

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Like I said, I have nothing againt N.O. or cool signage (both loves!)

But I've seen teachers do this before...set up a rather inane assignment having kids post stuff to a variety of community sites. Typically, the students spend a few weeks posting mediocre stuff just to get the grade, and then never show up again.

Community sites usually don't benefit a whole lot from forced participation. ;o)

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I'd say we regular users are benefitting from seeing the cool signage... :-)

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