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I'm wondering if anyone knows a key command (PC or MAC) that will create the lowercase letter "o" with a macron (horizontal line) over it. I realize this can be created using a program like Fontographer, but was hoping for a quicker, easier solution. I haven't been able to figure it out. Thank you in advance, and please feel free to e-mail me your response:

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You can add a custom kern in Quark.


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Thanks for the help David. Does anyone know the equivilant command on a PC?

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I'm not sure about the PC solution, but on a Macintosh, the macron can be accessed by typing [option][shift][comma]. It is an independent character (where it is included in a font's characters set at all), and must be manually kerned over the character which it accents.

To get the effect you requested, you would have to type an "o", then type "[option][shift][comma]", then kern the two together. Yeah, it's lame, but I haven't found any other way to do it other than to create the accented character in a special auxilliary font.

Anyone else have another solution?


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