An interesting concept...

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I'm sure someone beat me to the punch, but an interesting take on digital piracy:


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Thanks Paul... very enlightening.

Interesting that Kennedy would say it is unfair to those who do not desire music.

The whole predator/victim paradigm is getting hilarious. Does anybody believe they won't avail themselves to the "freebies?"

So often I see on the font sites the statement "I'm just a collector." The next day the same person is looking for another font for a "JOB."


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It's pretty much the same solution that was done for VHS and audio cassettes.

Though it's not really a solution that will save the recording industry. It will likely save the courts from silly lawsuits.

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This is a desperate cash-in by an industry that’s justifiably one step away from annihilation. I’d much rather see all the big record labels go chapter 7 and just stream the back-catalog from Corbis for a fee than have the government levy a piracy tax on me. It’s pathetic that no matter how bad it gets these companies will try crazy ideas like this but can’t be persuaded to just stop screwing over musicians and consumers alike.

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Here, hear James!


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