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Hey all. I have been commissioned to do a project that is totally not up my alley--design a logo and identity for an engineering firm called Meta Engineering. I am trying to make some type choices and have a few ideas...if I purchase a new typeface I don't want to spend a lot so does anyone have suggestions for a cheap Engineer-ish typeface?

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Meta Engineering - are you serious? Sorry to state the obvious, but you should use... Myriad.

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Haha...are you serious? I mean, I love the myriad/meta connection but...boring?

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DIN would be obvious.
More subtle would be Klavika, or Cachet.


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One more...


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Not cheap, but nice: Gravur Condensed

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> Haha...are you serious?

No :-)

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Neo Tech/Sans

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Isocteur. it's an old AutoCAD font.

Nothing says "engieering" like AuroCAD.

Can be effective in small doses


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Interesting that everyone except F. Frank went sans serif on this one. I'd lean towards something like Adrian Frutiger's Serifa.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I love this site and all you typophiles.

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I'm just pulling inspiration from Design Observer:

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