font problems in Photoshop

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For some reason, photoshop is acting like I have EVERY FONT OPEN *(ie; only able to show fonts starting with letters "A" through "F") - though in Fontbook, I clearly have only the essential fonts turned on, with everything else turned off. My system fonts folder is as it should be and neither Illustrator nor InDesign are acting like this...

What could be making Photoshop think that all fonts are open when they are not?

NOTE: I know Fontbook isn't the best, but I'm not a big fan of Linotype FontExplorer...

Anyone ?

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I had the exact same problem. It was because I had too many fonts for Photoshop and mainly Fontbook to manage properly. Once I had installed Suitcase everything worked in the best perfect order. You most likely have far too many fonts...?

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Is there such a thing as too many fonts?

Fontbook's only value is for previewing fonts. I'm surprised that Mac can't do a better job of creating a native application with the power of Suitcase.

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I know, Fontbook is crap. but still...

The last time this happened I checked fontbook and, but some mystery, every font was indeed turned on. During that instance, both Illustator & Photoshop had the same issue. Not this time. Fontbook has only 50 fonts turned on, and Illustrator works just fine...

I'm stumped.


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Fontbook sucks, it really does, but most problems can be solved by cleaning it up once in while. I'm using fontexplorer and i'm pretty happy with that, especially after all the problems i hadin de past with suitcase. but i still have to clean it up once in while.

(ps. i try to avoid using type in photoshop as much as possible, it just doesn't work as well as in for instance illustrator.)

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