A letterform a day

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Hi there,

I am a long-time viewer, first time poster on Typophile.

To expand my interest of type I have decided to create a Letterform a day.

Please critique ideas. These are a few starting points, tomorrow I intend to start, with, believe it or not...'A'!

Every day I will update the , hopefully spanning across many typographic genres, in an aim to finally settle on a style I am pleased with, and develop a full series of letterforms (typeface) from that.

I am interest in the Gestalt theory, and what we create in the blank space with our mind.

I am interested on everyones view of typography and welcome comments each day.

Thank You.


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Well, keep it up. :)

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i'd love to watch this progress; would it be possible to include a jpg each day, too. :)

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