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Hi. I'm no font expert, but I have been trying to design an uppercase Q for a font that has no uppercase included, and would appreciate some criticism. The gifs below show my first three versions, any constructive criticism most welcome.. I think I'm getting close with the last version, but the inner elipse is distorted. Thanks. Tom

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Tail is too heavy and flattens out too much on the thick (right) side. Concept is very interesting.
Since you are having problems with it, I would suggest you think of common words one may use an upper case Q for. In english most words starting with a "Q" follow with a "u"-example :Question, Queen, Quagmire, etc..and think of how this glyph would look in that context.

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thanks! How about these?

Just discovered this forum, and it has inspired me to find out more.. Was wondering if anyone could recommend a good introductory book on typography?

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Hi tom!

this is much better (especially the bottom one), but you could make it even simpler. I send you my suggestion.

I don't know any book to introduce you typography, but one of the must-have books about Typography is Robert Bringhurst's "The Elements of Typographic Style".



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