Commercial, but *not* for profit?

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This is from a font Web site:

"Freeware fonts can be used commercially or non-commercially without acquiring copyright permission as long as you will not profit from the use of the font."

Isn't that a contradictory statement? What would a commercial purpose that I *don't* profit from be?

I've just started trying to freelance and when I need to get permission to use a font for a project is still a bit of a mystery to me, any help there would be appreciated.

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Seems contradictory to me as well. Why not ask the author?

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One scenario... You could use the font to create an identity for Halliburton or some other upstanding company, and providing you were not paid to create the identity (you could have them pay a friend, or donate the fee to charity), they could use it.

Of course you would have to remain anonymous and not have your name associated with the work, otherwise you might "profit" from it indirectly given the positive PR around the logo.

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I e-mailed the site, saying just what I said above, be interesting to see what they meant.

But yeah, I couldn't think of a way where that statement made sense. I'll get right on my pro bono Halliburton work ;)


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Positive PR and Halliburton.

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