i can id sans type more easily than serif's - what about you?

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ok, so i've discovered that i'm useless at id'ing serif fonts.

sans i'm usually ok with, but serifs, i just dunno what it is about them, but i can't get my head around them enough to id with any conviction.

is this normal?

how does it work for you?

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depends on how specific the font is i guess, but i do think with a serif there are points of recognition

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i guess that kinda what frustrates me, is that is seems serifs would be easier to id as they have mode things that can be used to id them, whereas sans have less points of difference... or places to be different...

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Why serifs are harder to id –
-if you are working with sans only all day ;)
-if it comes to classics like Garamond-like, Century-like, Scotch-like, Transitional typefaces, it's hard to differ the many interpretations/versions of all the different foundries.
-the textface examples shown here are often in pretty bad quality – small size, bad photographies etc.
-a lot of the wonderful contemporary serif designs are not widespread enough, that an average designer like me knows them.

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hmmm all good points.

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