Being a typophile in a relationship...

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ok, so i'm a big typenerd. i'm the first to admit it. i get distracted looking at signs when i'm out, i take pics of as many as i can. i often don't see what the product or message is in ads as i just notice the letters...

i love type specimen books. i can and will talk fonts and/or design for hours.

so basically, while this would be fine if i was with a bunch of like-minded people, it's caused some strain on my relationship.

my girl has stuck with me for a year so far, and most of the time she's a good sport about it, but sometimes my passion for type just gets too much for her.

so basically i'm asking, has anyone else had this or simialr issues with their significant other just not being into type?

and how do you deal with it?


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This is why I settled down with a workaholic lawyer. He appreciates and encourages my typophilia, leading to things like a Typecon vacation or me getting Superpolator for Christmas.

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heehee, don't get me wrong, my girl supports my passion, she just gets bored of type-talk very quickly... but as a typically obsessed type lover it's something i can't help but talk about... it's a pickle...

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You have to Type-talk on different wavelength with Flowers?!
She will keep on giggling + flashing one mega-watt smiles?!

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Oh yeah, don’t even bother trying to talk to her about it. I gave up on that a long time ago.

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I think there is a limit to how much you can "talk shop" with anyone who does not do that activity. It's just courtesy to know when you're starting to bore them, and that depends on the other person's level of interest and knowledge. It's not an issue peculiar to type.

What is different about type is that fewer people understand the passion for it, compared to those who understand a passion for architecture or music. That's one of the reasons why we need Typophile!

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My husband is pretty understaning and doesn't roll his eyes too much when I stop to take yet another photo of an interesting sign, he even points potential ones out occasionally, but I try not to go on too much. I also try not to say it aloud every time I recognise a font somewhere…
Sometimes I can't help myself and go on about something for ages, like this shopping center in Helsinki, they used Coquette for their Christmas ads in 2007 and in 2008 it was a mixture of last years' ads and new ones set in Avant Garde Gothic (that hurt). I try to limit my rants, though.

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yeah i'm learning the hard way to limit 'shop talk'. so yes, typophile is a godsend!

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My wife now points out to me when she sees Clearview Highway while we're on the road.

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You will get somewhere when it stops being your passion and becomes your existence - like it or not. Myopia is mildly amusing at best.


All ideas, theories and statements are subject to change without notice.

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After making love, lie in bed together cuddling and looking at old Letraset and/or Mecanorma catalogs.

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heehee :-)

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