pms collor question

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hello guys,

don't know if this is the wright place to ask, but im trying to figure out how to set PMS colors in adobe illustrator. or how to determine what PMS color is being used.

for example i want to give the follow PMS values to some circles

- PMS 363
- PMS 485 2X

all help greatly appreciated

thnx guys

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If you can't see your color swatches, pull down from the menu and have them appear as a pallet in your workspace. Click on the Color tab. When it opens, click on the square in the upper left corner, and the Color Picker will appear. To get PMS colors, click on the Custom button. Select your object and apply the color to it, then save the color as a new swatch.

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FYI. Watch out with the X2 colours. X2 means printing twice with the same colour.

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thank you for the reply everybody,


i'm using illustr. CS3 but the weird thing is that when i click on the squar in the upper left corner of the color tab, indeed the color picker appears but there is no "custom" button/function there.

only option i got in the color picker is to click "color swatches" i missing something ?

@clauses, thnx for that info, i had no idea the X2 was for printing twice with the same live and learn, thnx

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Window -> Swatch Libraries -> Color Books -> select one of the PANTONE libraries (the variant you want, coated, uncoated, etc.)

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