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for some months (?) there is a paged view of Typophile by default. I was trying to track it down at my account page, but could not find how to reset it to display more (all?) comments to a thread right away. I dislike the paged view pretty much.

Any help appreciated!


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I don't think it is a user preference. I think that pages load faster this way so perhaps the webmaster made the decision to go for speed over convenience?


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I concur. While the paged view does allow for slightly faster loading, especially in long threads that include multiple inline images, the "new post" flags get erased if they're past the first page of the thread, making it difficult to pick up where one left off. In the full thread view the flags remained regardless of the length of the thread.

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Exactly that problem with the loss of the "NEW"-tag is what motivates me to switch of (in vain!) this "feature". (a BUG, if you ask me).

If it's not a user preference, dear typophile admins, could you please, please, pretty please fix it so, that the "new" tag stays preserved (or that one jumps to the page with the first new post if one clicks on the new posts link in the tracker or userpage/tracker?).


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I second the request for the "new" tag to work for paged threads.

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One more vote for non-paged threads! I often go back to older threads in order to find a certain quote or link etc. It’s very annoying that I have to search 3 or 4 pages now instead of a single one.

While the paged view does allow for slightly faster loading, especially in long threads that include multiple inline images
That kind of thread is the absolute exception. Actually, the battles and the Type ID Quizes are the only examples for threads with more than a few images that come to my mind. And those are restarted regularly anyway. Paged threads slow me down far more than a handful of JPGs.

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I don't have a problem with paged theads per definition; although I would like it if you go to the last page of the thread by default when viewing one. And would also like it when you post in a paged thread, that you automatically return to your post, instead of page 1.

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The "paged" vs "non-paged" issue may relate to typophile's server performance, rather than what users want. It's not always about the user :-)

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Whenever+wherever necessary, just copy+paste:
at the end of the node and you are done.

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From this user's perspective, any savings in speed loading a page is more than offset by the time and nuisance of having to then click through and load additional pages in order to find where you last left off in the thread. This is further encumbered by the issue of the "new" tag being lost, as has been mentioned.

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yep, i agree, please no pages... or make it optional. thanks!

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I'm also slightly annoyed, though I do like the new logo, that it used to link to the home page, and now you can only get there typing, or erasing to the url.


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or clicking 'home' just under the logo.

i like clicking the logo to and am only just now getting used to clicking home.

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Clicking the logo to get home is basic stuff when you're designing for the web. I'd love to help you fix it, if time is the issue.

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A quick and dirty response:

Recently we changed the number of posts per page from 50 to 30, because of the Type Battles mostly. Loading 50 images per page (for dozens of users at a time) was killing the server and bringing not just one thread down, but the entire site.

Your feedback has been noted and we are hoping to make some changes to address these issues.

Logo: We are aware that the link going back home is broken. We did not do this on purpose, but there is a bug somewhere in the Flash file that is preventing the link back. Will fix asap.

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thanks zara!

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Logo clicking fixed.

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not for me in chrome. :-(

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"Your feedback has been noted and we are hoping to make some changes to address these issues."



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