GODADDY the way to go?

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I'm about to launch a small site of my own and don't know much about hosting.

Is there anything better for hosting than


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I'd think twice before using godaddy. The UI is a nightmare.

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In the past Godaddy had the best deal on domain registration. I haven't shopped around for that in a long time so I don't know if that is still the case.

Every anecdote I hear about Godaddy hosting is a nightmare, but I don't have personal experience.

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The CEO is rather opinionated in ways you may not agree with...

and as Miss Tiff states, the UI is horrendous...

but for REGISTERING a domain name, they're cheap and do a decent job.

For HOSTING, eh...I'd avoid the giants like that.

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Any suggestions of alternatives?

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I've never had any problems with them.

The UI is a bit of a hassle initially but once you set it up, you can just use your favorite FTP program and not deal with it.

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I've been using for years with no problems. They are to whom I send all my clients. Extremely affordable, user friendly, and great service.

I hope this helps!

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I’ve been using for years and they’re great. Pair isn’t the cheapest host around, but the quality of service is fantastic. The servers are rock solid and secure, they have a good web interface for SQL stuff, and the tech support is great if you need help.

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Well I do want it to be pretty much as cheap as possible. I'm just a student.

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I'll second James' recommendation of Pair. BlueHost is also good.

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Well I do want it to be pretty much as cheap as possible. I’m just a student.

If a good, working website lands you one paid internships than it’s paid for itself. And time saved from tech headaches means more time for studying so the scholarships don’t go away!

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I would avoid GoDaddy, and Network Solutions, by all means. Instead, look into Media Temple, DreamHost, and Tilted.

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Thanks for the advice!

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i'm with and their Ui is bad, customer service average, but they are really cheap.

if i wasn't in a contract with them now, i'd probably switch, but they are a good price.

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I use and have loved them. Customer service is great. The UI, not amazing, but easy enough to follow.

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We have been happy with host gator.

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I am currently hosting with PIPNI and have been doing so since a few years and I am pretty happy with them. (I never really had any problems and their packages are cheap as well. And forget about GoDaddy. I had a domain there about 9 or more years ago, moved it somewhere else soon after and still get their newsletters, even when I opted out several times since then.)

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I offer hosting, but probably too pricey, as it's mainly for my business customers... I use Krystal in the UK for my VPS and dedicated box - they are a great set of guys, and their shared hosting is excellent value - and they DONT oversell each server, so performance is great. Plus, you get to talk to human beings, and support is top notch. No I don't have shares in their company! Plug finished!


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Been with them 5 years, with no problems.

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I would second John's recommendation of Inexpensive and solid hosting with a lot of backend flexibility.

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I would like to also recommend DreamHost. I have been with them since 2004. You can host an unlimited number of domains and they provide more than enough disk space and bandwith. And you can have multiple user accounts so you can offer webhosting to your friends and family and make up the cost. The one or two times that I needed customer service, I got almost instantaneous help by email. They did have a huge PR problem a year ago, when their billing software (with some help from its human operator) accidentally charged all their clients for a year's worth of hosting. But I had enough good history with them that I was willing to "cut them some slack" and trust that they would refund the charge, which they did. The only cost to me was that I had to endure their endless apologies and appeals for forgiveness.

I also recommend DomainDiscover for domain registration. I have been with them for about 10 years I think. The current price is around $10/year for .com, .net, and .org. If they aren't the cheapest on the market, I don't care. They are cheap enough and their service is good.


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Jeffrey Zeldman and all the cool kids in the CSS world (not to mention Adobe, Starbucks, ABC and many others) use Media Temple It's the hip outfit out there among many leading web design firms. And their site is lovely to look at.

We've been working with the great folks at TigerTech for years. The customer support is swift and personal and they register your domain for free each year if you host with them. We've set up hosting for all of our clients there and everyone's been happy with the service and the stability.

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i just canceled my godaddy account and went with 1and1. everything is working smoothly so far (and their site is not as headache-inducing as godaddy's)

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