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I was told that you can download the tesco fonts from tescobrandguide.com . However the link doesn't seem to work on my pc. If anyone could upload them for me I would be very grateful.

Many Thanks,


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We don't really do that here.

I just found them based on info in your post, and a little creative research on Google, but I don't have the conscience to share the link. Sorry.

Do you have the rights to use them? Has Tesco given you permission to download them?

They are nice, but they are unmistakeably proprietary, and should the wrong eyes see them on non-Tesco work, you may regret having ever gotten them...

From DaltonMaag, on the Tesco font:
Created exclusively for the client, this product is not available to buy or license. Dalton Maag can help you with your own custom font or with a customization of an existing typeface.

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Hi, I understand. However, why are they available on the internet. I wish to use them on a project. I have emailed Tesco about the fonts, but i haven't yet recieved a reply. I really need they for a piece of work due in soon. I would be willing to pay a large sum of money for that link. Please again reconsider that, and decide weather you will give me the link.

Many, Many Thanks

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However, why are they available on the web.

Come come, surely we're not that naïve.

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Judging by their brand guide, I'm guessing that designers who have been contracted to work for them are able to download their official resources. I don't believe it's a public link. Sometimes, someone talks and the link gets shared, and on and on...

All they'd need to do is secure it with PHP and share a login and password with their contractors.

Anyway, good luck.

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microspective, please can you give me the link then! You said you had it.



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No, that would be illegal and disrespectful to Dalton Maag and Tesco.

If it's that important to you, you can probably find it the way I did. As I said earlier, I simply did some creative Googling using nothing more than the info you gave in your initial post.

I am respectfully bowing out of this discussion.

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Stephen has suggested a few alternatives in this thread. Other possible alternatives (depending on which aspects you like about Tesco):
Raldo, Agenda, Delta Jaeger, Vista Sans, …

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Tesco have just given me permission & emailed me their fonts. Get in!

Thanks all,


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