this time i'm walking to new orleans...

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These picture are of signage and use of typography, all within about 3 miles of each other in Mid-City New Orleans. If not through anything else, one can tell the antiquity of styles and stubborn culture of New Orleans through its signage and typography. Each use of a non-contemporary style tells a tale of a city with a serious problem letting go of the past. Some may think this is why we are behind the design curve. Maybe this is an impediment to designers in the city. The persistence of antiquated New Orleans signage, however, preserves the city's indigenousness; it perpetuates it's own style not dictated by fads or popularity. And I'm proud of that. With each hand-lettered, grammatically-incorrect sign, I see a bit of the city's personality pushed through on paint and wood. Same with every neon-laced sign. Culture comes through in words here-- not through what they say, but how they look.

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