Congrats to Stephen Rapp!!!!

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Montague Script was entered in the 55th Annual Type Directors Club Exhibition and won!

For those of you not familiar with Montague take a look!

Congratulations Stephen you deserve it!

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Do you mean that it won a prize, or that it was entered into the judging? In any case, I think that the design looks great!

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Hi Dan,
It was a "Certificate of Excellence in Type Design" award. Its the first time I've entered so naturally I was pretty happy.

And… as timing would have it, the motherboard on my home computer just went down. Fortunately I have a backup copy to work with at my workplace.


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Congratulations, Stephen, although I believe the form is usually to wait for the TDC to announce the winners publicly.

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Thanks John and Dan.

Yeah… I wasn't sure of what the protocol was for all that. i just got the letter and since it didn't say anything about formal announcements I didn't know what to expect. I would imagine there are others here on the list as well.

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Well, congratulations anyway!

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Congrats Stephen!


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congrats, it looks really nice!

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Congratulations, Stephen! Nice going.

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oh i just realised you did Shoebop - i love that font! congrats for that as well!

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