First draft

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It's a disgusting typeface,I know, but could any of you guys give me some pointers on strenghts/weaknesses, so that I can improve it??

Thanks in advance,


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What do you mean, 'disgusting'? I like it as it is!
Don't clean it up, just digitize it! Great design!

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Pah, you flatter me.

Surely there are some improvements to be made?

The "o" and the "e" for example, don't really fit in with the rest of the letters.

Anyway, thanks!

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- somewhat gothic charm - reminds me of Edward Gorey
- variation of treatment of bottoms of letters gives baseline energy
- approximate consistency of diagonal lines ties letters together

- unseriffed stroke of u looks odd to me.
- the ornamentation (on b, g, f) isn't consistent in style and scale.
- e and o don't fit (but you already knew that!). Try something narrower.
- the s should be thickest in the middle
- the jpg is too large! :-)

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Don't give up! It's quite charming.

I haven't had many replies on my first efforts, so thought I'd give a little love here to help encourage you :)

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