How do you pronounce...

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...Maximilien Vox's last name?

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Be sure to update the wiki

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But do the French pronounce it in the Latin manner? Paul Hewson also uses a Latin name (Bono), but we don't pronounce it in the Latin manner.

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I would guess that it is pronounced just like how the French pronounce vox in the phrase vox populi, that is, as [vɔks]. It is a near rhyme of box in some accents of English, but the vowel is closer to the quality of the vowel in sort.

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Sounds sensible to me. Thanks all for your input.

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I checked with a French typographer/linguist friend, and he said [mɑksimiljɛ̃ vɔks] (that ɛ̃ is supposed to be a nasalized vowel; it shows up correctly in the editor window here, but not when I preview). So the vox is indeed as the Latin.

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Or as the French pronounce the Latin (like Jongseong had it; v, not w), right? Thanks for checking, speter.

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