Type anachronism in cinema

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Hi to everybody!

I´m a spanish graphic desing student who has to do a work for my type class.
The project is an exposition´s catalog about typefaces and typographers of 20th century.
That´s the general topic, but we have to close that and I would like to talk about type anachronism in films. I´ve read Mark Simonson´s text and I think it can be a great work, but I need some help and that´s because I´m here.

I suppose that some of you have seen some films that are fine or wrong (typographicly talking, of course) and I would like to know your opinion.

Thanks to everybody who can help!!! And I hope I´m been clear and my English wasn´t too bad.


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Take a look to "Alexander" by Oliver Stone, maybe the worst example of type anachronism.
Just in the first minutes you see a geography lection by Aristoteles with the country names set in english... Ridiculous and kitsch: the final demonstration of American (or post-modern Western) vulgarity.

At the contrary, you perhaphs remember a 80' tv cartoon about Cervantes "Don Quichote", with a marvellous animation of the Cervantes sign at the beginning.


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