Jan Tschichold, digitized typefaces

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Does anyone know of typfaces by Jan Tschichold, that are digitized and available?

Max Kisman

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Iwan reschniew was »quick and easy method of contructing a typeface« (leicht und schnell konstruierbare Schrift). If you can read german, read this, too.

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Here's one I didn't know about: Classical Garamond.

There is also Tschicholina, by Typ-O-Tones.

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Classical Garamond is Bitstream’s Sabon.

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Ah, I see. Thanks, Florian. (And speaking of Sabon, I suppose that Sabon Next does not qualify, even though it builds on the original design.)

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Sabon Next does not qualify, even though it builds on the original design.

There isn’t one original design of Sabon. There are three.

Discussed here.

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Hi Max! How are you? :=)

Tschichold, created in digital form and extended by Thierry Puyfulhoux, is great.

And, of course, Architype Tschichold by The Foundry.

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Hello Claudio and others,

Thank you for your comments. Friends of mine are preparing a small exhibition on Jan Tschichold in the Dutch Graphic Design Museum in the city of Breda (opening end of February). They wondered if there were any of the Tschichold typefaces digititally available. They knew about the Sabon. I'll check also with David Quay of the Foundry for what else he'd know. Thanks,


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Regarding Sabon Next, Keith posted a report from ATypI 2002 which I find interesting ; apparently Jean François Porchez tried to bring back the Stempel version and come back to the roots of the Stempel version as well : "This version is a careful revival of Garamond, however it is not a Garamond itself."
This thread was great, too, just for fun but witty.

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A client of a client of mine, who is working on that exibition found the following; http://tipografos.net/fonts/transito.html Please zoom in on the PDF...

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Thanks Micha, Alessandro, for the response. I assume your client is my good friend and collegue Lies Ros...

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What do you need?


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There isn’t one original design of Sabon. There are three.

Belated thanks for that link, Jan. Looking forward to reading. :-)

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Your assumption is right Max! And Lettergrafica is the other party.

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If you need Thierry Puyfulhoux email, just drop me a message, Max.
I used to be in tough with him years ago and I see his site was suspended, but if he still uses his old email, you'll be able to reach him for his Tsichold.

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Maybe you also can check with Christopher Burke about Tschichold.

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I used to be in tough with him

Ah, go easy on the guy...

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Tschichold worked on another stencil typeface which was never published. It will be offered soon under the name "Ivan Stencil".
You can find drawings and drafts from 1929 from Tschichlods work on the stencil type in the book of Christopher Burke, "Active literature – Jan Tschichold and New Typography", Hyphen Press, London, on page 162-165.

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