Type for music venue identity

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so this place is called The Eaves, its an attic like space that will be hosting experimental/rock type of music, very independent kind of stuff. i was trying to avoid something too generic or like the "scene". the main type there is LHF becker monogram english, but its pretty modified.. especially the E. charlemagne is the THE.
thoughts? it will be on backlit light panels, maybe a wood sign.eaves logo

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I think this is a great start . . . The overall feel of the typeface communicates what you are going for . . .

A few suggestions:

"THE" kind of looks like it is akwardly hanging out there -- it seems like it would fit perfectly in the space between the E and the tall swoop of the 'v' . . . this would make it feel like more of a unit as well.

The V is hard to read -- I thought the name was "Eaues"

The space between the 'a' and the 'v' is also a bit akward because it is so defined. Perhaps making the 'v' come to more of a point so it is more readable, will also solve this as well.

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ok, i moved the THE, but im not sure if i like it there or not. maybe its not in the right spot. i changed the point of the v, and i like that much better, but i dont know if it helped the a-v space. if that space was open on the bottom or top would it make more sense?

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Hi Ben,

I think you need to go even more on the V, maybe even move it up a bit, also experiment a bit moer with the placement of "THE" . . .

I have attached a quick sample of what I mean with the "v" (it's always easier to show rather than explain, i hope you are okay with the visual suggestions . . .)

Also, you might want to try to post this under the "Logos/Corporate ID Design" section . . . I am fairly new here, but it seems as though you might get more responses and feedback in that section.

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