The Art of Wood Type

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The most comprehensive book on wood type in 50 years. 330 pages, 9"x9" x 1" (3.5 lbs) Soft cover laminated in either choice of super gloss or matte. A self-published book, available only on line at www.the $50 plus $5 S&H (US), Foreign shipping Mexico & Canada $15 (USD), Everywhere else approx. $39 (USD) Inquire Preface by Allan Haley, Director of Words & Letters, Monotype Imaging, Introduction by Malcolm Dean.
SECTION 1-Typography, How it All Began, The Invention of the Alphabet, The Evolution of the Alphabet, The Dawn of Modern Typography, The Anatomy of the Letterform, Anatomy of the Type Style. The Wood Type Wood and The Pantograph with other facets of wood type components.
SECTION 2, The Hamilton Story a retrospective of the Hamilton Wood Type Manufacturing Company. Nine Artists, Printing Professors and Collectors tell their experiences of working with type and wood type. Profusely illustrated in color photos.
SECTION 3, A two page review of Antique Presses and Metal Type. SECTION 3, excerpts several interesting pages from U&lc and Westvaco.
SECTION 4, Consists of 220 pages Wood Type "Proofs" facing page with the Wood Type Photo. Each type style is named, dated, manufacturer, and a brief description of facts and details of the font. Closing with a Dedication to Rob Roy Kelly.
Written, Illustrated and photographed by Gregory Ruffa. For further information email:

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