Question about serif / sans serif combinations

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I'm using Linotype Didot (or an extremely similar custom face) for an identity system and I'm contemplating over whether or not to use a sans serif for body copy (for collateral pieces, etc). I'm going for high end/modern simplicity. Do you all have any recommendations? I have come to the conclusion that using another serif face would be overkill, but I am open to suggestions.

I thank you for your assistance in advance!

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The usual suspect following the internal structure of a didone type would be Helvetica. But this is not the best type for body copy.
You could try Walbaum however, also didone, comfortable to read with a rather large x-height.

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Instead of Helvetica use Univers.

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Trade and News Gothics are a pleasant alternative to almost anything.

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My Modern Suite is a Didot/Sans matched combination.

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Corpo S, Benton Sans, eventually Akkurat.

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