Pratt looks great!

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I'm glad Nick Shinn's Pratt is finally available to the general public. I've admired it since seeing the copies of The Globe & Mail that Nick distributed at TypeCon Seattle.

Now, to find a suitable project...

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Nick: You should set up a better preview of your typefaces on It's hard to know what you're getting.

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Oh, forgive me! I fell in to the web shop thinking you had redesigned your site.

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The Pratt fonts aren't in the main interface yet, where the Type Tester is. (My tech guy wasn't able to get the job done in time to coincide with the Featured Face advertising, but any day now.) However, there are links to a comprehensive PDF specimen, or click here for the specimen.

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OK, Pratt is in the Shinntype Type Tester now.

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Congrats, Nick!


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Now we can design brochures for Pratt & Whitney using Pratt and Whitney!

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Excellent work, Nick.

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What's the source of the name, Nick?

Is there going to be a companion sans called Twitt?

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The client?

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It's named after David Pratt, the design director at The Globe and Mail who commissioned the face for his redesign of the paper.

The companion will be called Pratt Sans, in the usual manner.

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I think it works well on Typophile.

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Nick, coming from a total beginner's perspective: Would you mind telling where the shape of Pratt's "k" comes from? Those look like some funky angles.  :-)

You might have already been alerted to the fact that there is a punctuation error in the German sample text. In the second line from the bottom of p.22 of your PDF, there should be a hyphen followed by a word space instead of the dash ("Rede- und Glaubensfreiheit").

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Thanks for the correction.

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A Typequiz!

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