Foundry registration?

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Every time I insert my four-letter-lowercase code (prgr) into a new typeface I feel like I should make another effort to register Paragraph. Over the past year I sent numerous emails to Microsoft Typography, followed all sorts of outdated links, supplied all sorts of info, emailed technical support, and in the end ended up where I started:, where as far as I can tell, nothing happens.
How important is the registration, and does anyone still provide it?
prgr ;-)

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Oops - sorry about that - I found a mail from 2007. Sorry we didn't register you. Would be good to know what other methods failed - apart from the spam-filter it should be pretty reliable.

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Thanks, Simon. What should I do now?

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Check the entry and let me know if any of the info has changed since 2007...

A short description would also be good.

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Great, Simon.

Here is the text:

Paragraph is a foundry of Jan Schmoeger, an Australian designer. Jan has been fascinated by fonts since his childhood in Prague, Czech Republic (born there in 1949). Having spent most of his working life as a graphic/book designer and a part-time lecturer at a Melbourne university, he now plans to divide his time between typography and sailing.

Also, could you please change the address to:
7/60 Beach Rd, Mentone, Victoria 3194, Australia (I am retiring the PO box)

PRGR (wow!)

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Will do, lost database connection last night. Will update the entry once its back up.

Cheers, Si

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All done.

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Thanks, Simon

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Simon, is it possible to register me too ?

my code is "4FEB"

if Jan not against, I modify Jan's text for me:

"4th february" is a foundry of Sergiy S. Tkachenko, an Ukrainian designer. Sergiy has been fascinated by fonts since his childhood in Kremenchuk, Ukraine (born in 1979).

My address indicated on MyFonts

current web-page is

Thanks in advance!

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I got your mail, sorry I've not replied yet.

Can you mail me the info listed here:

email is simonda@ you know where.

Many thanks, Si

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