Please Help. Willi Kunz; Typography: Macro and Microaesthetics Q&A

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I have been writing my Graphic Design dissertation for quite some time now but with the deadline approaching next week something had to go wrong...
I had written a bunch of notes regarding the book; Typography: Macro and Microaesthetics, by Willi Kunz. However, when I have come to write them up I haven't been able to find them :(
What I am asking is if someone who owns the book could let me know how Willi Kunz describes his thoery/practice of typography, i.e Macro & Microaesthetics. The easiest method would be to simply scan in the title page of the chapter regarding 'Macro and Microaesthetics' and post it, if that is ok. He says something along the lines of, Macro is the large design elements that draws the viewers attention and directs them through the design and Micro is the type that the viewer reads.... I think?

Any replies will be much appreciated.
Many Thanks.

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