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I'm trying to come up with a logo for my own design company. I do focus alot on illustrations. I welcome any advice on the icon or the type.

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Maybe try offsetting the icon so it doesn't look too corporate and using all lowercase so it isn't too sporty.

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Hi Adam,

I really like the icon you designed . . . just a couple of suggestions to refine it further . . .

I think you should get rid of the border around the icon, maybe offset another color behind it to add dimension.

I agree with Tom about offsetting the logo and using lower case, although I think something like avante garde might work better for your font. Play around with a few things and see what works -- you have a great start!

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I guess I'm rockin' the boat here, but if your icon says anything about your illustrative style, I think the caps (not italicized) work better than lc. Your icon does look a little "sporty", as Tom put it (referring to the uppercase), and I haven't heard any reason to think that "sporty" isn't an appropriate representation for your work. Perhaps you can clear that up by letting us know a little about what you do. Until then, my only criticism is that your curves still need to be smoothed out a little.


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I'm concerned about the swooshy P. The swoosh element has been over used in logos for some time now. That said, if it is representitive of your illustrative style use it. But, if you just think it looks cool, I say try something that would be more reflective of your work.

Where does the name Pappy come from? Is there some way to illustrate your choice in company name?

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It's me Gram'pappy's.

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Hey guys,
Thanks for the advice so far. I see what you mean about it being too sporty. I actually might go a whole different route. I hope to have something else very soon. Again, I appreciate the critiques.

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