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Obsession: A History by Lennard J. Davis

Simplistic, beautiful, and striking: three words that best describe the cover of Obsession: A History by Lennard J. Davis. Obsession, as one may have inferred, chronicles the position of obsessions in modern culture. Whether clinical or inferred, obsessions have become more common place today than ever before in history.
The cover of the book is a perfect reflection of the guts of the book; it explains everything before the reader views a single sentence. In the use of the color white and the inferred use (through photography) of plain paper, commonness is implied. The precision of the punched holes and cleanness of the paper solidifies the cover's obsessive nature. These two elements come together to fortify the book's message: obsessive disorders and the culture of obsessions has become an overarching, almost expected theme of life in America.


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A great book cover. You might enjoy Jessica Helfand's DO post on self-referential book covers, Biblionomatopoeia.

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fantastic book almost appears stitched?

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Yes, at a distance. A photo doesn't really do it justice. When you look at the actual jacket closely you notice the pinprick holes.

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