Happy Birthday, Jos

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Gefeliciteerd! :)

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Happy Birthday, Jos. I was just playing with Museo.


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Best wishes, Jos!

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Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday.
Happy, happy, joy, joy.

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Happy Birthday, Jos!

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Happy Birthday, Jos!

Just sent off a design to a client with both Museo and Museo Sans in it ;^)

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happy birthday jos!

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Selamat Ulang Tahun, Jos! (Bahasa Indonesia)

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Thank you all very, very, very much for the heartwarming typophilic birthday wishes! I had a great and wonderful day full of dear friends and family stopping by. Still recovering a little from cooking for 25 people ;-)

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Happy Birthday Jos!

And passing on best wishes from James Arboghast, currently in typophile-rehab, although well on the road to recovery.

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Drat. I missed it! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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Thanks sii. I hope to see James around here again soon.

Tiffany, thanks! Also for the birthday cake ;-)

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Sorry, ill in bed since friday ... therefore too late ... Dear Jos, happy belated birthday and I wish you a wonderful new year with lot of work on tons of fonts so good and successful like Museo.

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Thank you, Nora. Hope you get better soon!

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