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I created this logo and visual language for e-commerce shop based in UAE and Pakistan. Red peaches are covetable and noble there. I think to spend modern european language in this logo as honor to middle east. Can it work? What do you think?


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I like it

try to make it more simple

like getting rid of the shape in the bottom maybe

I love the P shape ... great

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The only thing I see here is the BT logo in red colour. But it may not be a problem if your service is local. BT is semi-local as well.
Robert Koritnik

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Too much gradient in it, I think. Keep it to the peach only. The type doesn't really need it, and is only visible when type is big. But quite alurring to look at all together. If only one item of the identity is gradiented, then it will also create a bit more contrast and life to the gradiented item. Good Luck.

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I agree with illix. I'd think making it work without all the gradients is a better start. At least for finalizing the shape. But in general I really like the idea of it.

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I think the type works, it it modern. try working in black and white first.
then, if the design works in 100 pixels in height or half an inch high, then proceed with color exploration.


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