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While looking through the bookstore, I came across this book. The cover caught my eye. It's so simple, yet it still has some elegance to it. The tree on the cover reminds me of the little scribbles I make in my notebook. I couldn't find a picture of the back cover, but it has similar swirls around the edges.

I also found this book, The Joy Luck Club. The title is so familiar, but I've never read it. I love the cover. I like the color scheme and the simple design...I think it has a sort of Asian feel to it. It is simple and elegant and I like it, and even though stacking type is a type crime I love how the author's name makes the cover asymmetrical.


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the author's name works well for stacking type long
as the letters look secure and not as if they are about to topple
over stacked type can sometimes look quite nice...

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