Help me fit that empty space on my website design pls...

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At work I'M supposed to design a website for Technique. Technique offers you hair products, so the design should be represent this kind of beauty care.

Here is my first attempt:

That's just the headline. I'd like to use that specific design of the offical logo on the whole website. But I really have a difficult situation here. I like the girl with the red hair, but she doesn't fill the whole space. Resizing her won't solve the problem, because this size fits the best on the headline. And looks the best of course.

So, I keep thinking about what to use to fill that space on her left side.
Some ideas? Please share!

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I think you should find a pen and some paper and start sketching out a concept.

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Conceal was made with this very sort of thing in mind.

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I see...but still don't get how this would help to fit that empty space on the headline. Some of my friend suggested me to keep it that way, and put nothing there. But I kind of feel it's unfinished.

The structure of the site is already finished, so I don't need to design those parts anymore. My only problem left is the headline, and to be more specific, that empty space on the headline.

So I'd like to get suggestions, ideas for that part of the work only. Thanks a lot! :)

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I'd say keep it the way it is. If you put something there it will most certainly look out of place and overdesigned.

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Why not fade the 'Technique' grid out a little like you did for the image of the girl.

- Scott Sullivan

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I might try that one too, thx :)

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I'm not really sure what you refer to when you say "the headline". What empty space?

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When I say headline, I mean the whole picture I inserted here. So the website continues, I just didn't feel the need to put it all here. Just the top side of it. In this case the headline means the girl, the logo, and the empty, white space between the two.

So my problem is that white space. It feels kind of empty for me and I don't know what to put there.

I hope I could explain it well enough. :)

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Hmm...what about a typo composition with these Technique trades: Baljé, Simply, Just, Jetting Up, System and Hello. Any ideas how to make it look nice?

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Now I managed to fill that space with product pictures, but I don't know if it's too crowded this way. I'm looking forward to your opinion. :)

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too crowded to me

when u say that it is beauty salon

you dont need to mention it again by inserting shampoos and oils :)

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I see. I agree when you say it's a bit crowded and so, but eventually my boss picked this one:

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