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Here is a logo and some preliminary designs for stationery for a company providing high class programme for companies, events etc. The companys main focus is in performing arts and especially dance.

The idea is to silkscreen-print the business card in white to black cardboard. The letterhead is black on the other side with reflected logo (which can be faintly seen on the other side).

The logo is based on avant garde and the idea is to communicate professionalism and to separate the company from the others in the field.

Any comments are welcome!

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not bad...I can see the 'movement' aspect of it

why is the 'A' the only letter slightly larger than the others? any siginificance there? just wondering...

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indeed ... I like it too ... I reckon it could do with some refinment though .. tweaking those letter forms. And some colour?
it currently feels pretty rigid/static too though.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne
Short Film Festival

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They A is probably up there to fill the whitespace. Have you tried without it?

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