Happy Birthday to Julia's Dad

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Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday, Chris!

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Happy birthday, Chris!

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Happy brithday, Chris!

Satya, that is a great picture.

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Have a Happy Birthday, Chris - miraculously you keep getting younger every year!

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Happy Birthday Chris!!

Paljon onnea syntymäpäivänäsi! :^)

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Thank you all!! You have warmed up my day.

I see Satya found a photo of me when I was in my 40s. Back when I still could run! That was taken just after my daughter was born and I had her name printed on a shirt. Now, I am 65 and she is 24.

Norbert, the curious case is that I finally made it in the movies :-)


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Buon Compleanno, Chris !
I have been trying to translated this expression I think, about cabbage and flowers but with no luck, maybe it's used/udeful for birthdays ? Hope so !
"Καιρος φερνει τα λαχανα, καιρος τα παραπουλια".
—Μητσος ο αγροτης

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Happy Birthday to you, Dez. Good Health and Warmest Wishes.

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hope it's happy! :D

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Happy Birthday Chris... do you need me to send up a can of compressed air for the candles?

And many PUNS to come.


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happy birthday chris!

stay curious.

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Can of compressed air?--I need a humongus compressor!


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Warmest birthday wishes, Chris.  :-)

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Many happy returns, Chris, και χρόνια πολλά, ρε μάγκα!


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Happy Birthday, Benjamin Lozos! :-)

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I drove past the DC area today, and I wondered what the glow was on the western horizon. Now I know: it was Chris's birthday cake, candles and all.

Happy Birthday, Chris!

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Yes, it was the Falls Church Fire Department called to put it out :-)


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Oh I missed the party. All best wishes to one of the best.

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Falls Church... Now I'm getting nostalgic for my former stomping grounds... *Sigh*

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Happy birthday, Chris!

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a bit late, but here is another Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day, and wishing you another healthy and typographically rich year.

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a bit late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Warmest birthday wishes to you Chris,
and best wishes for your birthday
next year and every year after that.

j a m e s

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Happy Birthday Chris!

> ....Julia's dad

Julia Roberts, right? :^)

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Go Steelers! ;-) Happy Birthday Chris.

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Dear Chris, too late here also ... Happy Birthday to you connected with a wish for us all: May your good humor never get weak!

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I just drove back from Pittsburgh through the Pennsylvania mountains and traffic jams. My Birthday present from the Steelers for my loyal efforts was getting to see them beat the Ravens!

Thank you all again, late or not!


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