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okay, so i'm trying to put together a portfolio and i've only tried my hand at a couple of logos. The first, Tessa B's, i rather like, but i think it needs a bit more polish. The second, ShoeBox, is really rough. I pretty much swiped the design idea from the Beatles. Is it even worth salvaging? showcasing? anyhow, i thought i'd just see if i got any response here. thnx for any help you can give me.

Tessa B logo.SWF (4.3 k)


Shoebox logo.SWF (2.8 k)


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Shoeboxtoo i see. What is the too for?

The S, O, and B you should weight thicker.

Fix the counters on the B.

Shoe has a lot of white space. I'd open up Boxtoo
which is pretty tight.

Tracing over the logo always helps me to get rid of inconsistencies.

I'd put a "polished" shoebox in my 'folio.
Good stuff.


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hey thanks, andrew. i was startin to think i was just gonna be overlooked.
Shoeboxtoo - it's a second location and rather than be ShoeBox 2, they opted for Too. I don't know why they need the too in the name at all, but that's their thing.
thnx again for yer help. anyone else have suggestions?

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hey thnx brian, 'preciate yer help

Is the curl above the face meant to resemble hair?
yeah it is. i guess i don't have it quite right if it's not obvious.

i think the bullet and the lining up were input from my client, but i can do whatever i want for my own purposes.

Something I think strong logos have is an overall sense of moving to the right

hmmm, i'm not sure how i could fix that for Tessa

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