Book set in Constantia?

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Anyone seen a book well-set in Constantia?

(I like it ... but will it bring MS too strongly to mind?)

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I haven’t seen it but I’m pretty sure it would look great.

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...but will it bring MS too strongly to mind?

I doubt it, as it doesn't have the exposure of say Cambria. I think John Berry has set a book in it. I'll point him over here.

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Here's one on Google books (searched for "typeset in constantia").

Not bad … set with MS Word …

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John Berry recently used it very successfully as a book face. Typographers whom I respect tell me that it is very readable and sets easily.

Not bad … set with MS Word …

Pity they didn't turn the kerning on.

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Yes, I designed and typeset the interior of a book in Constantia recently: Shambling Towards Hiroshima, a short novel by James Morrow (San Francisco: Tachyon Publications, 2009). I was a bit surprised at how well the typeface fit the story; I was a little worried that Constantia might look a little too elegant for that particular text, but when I tried it out, it worked wonderfully. It even held up as I created an unusually spacious text block (because the book was so short). I was pleased to have an opportunity to put Constantia to use as a book face; I had previously used Cambria, for a very different book, and that worked well, too. The OpenType features (used in InDesign) made production infinitely easier than using a non-OT font would have been.

I haven't seen the printed book yet; it should be out very soon.

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Thanks. That gives me the courage to go ahead with it.

The OT features are indeed wonderful.

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John (Berry), now that you mention it Constantia seems like a great fit
for an orient-themed book (assuming the title in indicative). Good call.


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